Wednesday, July 28, 2010

♥ tHis thiNg caLLed FARMVILLE ♥

My eyes are painful again... this was all due to Farmville. Yesterday I was so engrossed playing the game that I spent two straight hours looking at my monitor and re-arranging things in my farm. And this is the result.. hayzzzz...

I'm maintaning four farms in Farmville, my farm, the farm of my two siblings and my boyfriends' farm. They asked me to tend to their farms while they can't fit it into their schedules. And here I am busy with all my work loads yet I still find time for it.

Farmville as all knows is a Facebook game in which you can have a farm of your own, with all the animals, trees, houses & vehicles in it. Your wealth on your farm depends on how industrious the farmer is in planting crops which will give him high yield. You can also have your friends as your neighbors and they can visit and help you in their farm and vice versa plus they can give you wonderful gifts. Why do I love playing Farmville?? Because in Farmville everything seems so simple, when we plant our crops, we need not water it anymore though we can ask our friends to help us and they will fertilize it. I just have to wait for a couple of hours or days then it's harvest time and here comes the income. If we got so busy with our chores and forgot to harvest on time we can ask our dear friends to visit our farm and unwither it or just unwither it ourselves. If we don't have the luxury of time to wait for our crops to grow, we can use their biplane to instantly grow our crops in the blink of an eye. We can have the mansions, the villas and other things which the elites have in real world. It's like a dream world of simplicity and abundance.

Maybe my attachment to Farmville these days reflects my current complacent feeling, which is not good.
I hope everything is as simple as Farmville but it isn't. I must not be complacent instead I must continue to strive in achieving my ambitions and dreams. *-*

♥ mY wOndErfuL bRooD ♥

This time around, I want to introduced you all to my wonderful brood.

Now let's start with our eldest, his name is Jeffrey aka Kuya Jeff. When we were younger he used to give us scientific names, I don't know what influences him to do that (it's really weird scientific names.. haha). We go on the same elementary and secondary school, since he's two years older than me he is obliged by our parents to carry my bag. I remember one incident during our elementary days, we were still sleepy as our mom get us on a jeepney to ride at around 6:30 in the morning because classes starts on 7:00 am. The moment we get down of the jeepney, I was stunned not because I saw an accident but because I was dead worried that both me and my brother was not carrying my bag. My bag contains all my notebooks, books, pencils etc.., we don't know what to do. My brother asked me if I left it in the jeepney but I couldn't answered because all the while I thought why is he asking me, if he's the one assigned to carry my bag. But since he's looking so intently and annoyed at me, I just said "maybe I left it in the jeepney... sigh).After that he immediately run after the jeepney, luckily the vehicles were moving slow. When he came back to me at our schools' front gate, he told me that my bag is not in the jeepney anymore. Then came my rushing cousin
Ate Nors... surprisingly she was carrying my bag, then she told us that we left the bag at our house and mom asked her to bring it to school since she knows that we would go looking for it.. hahaha.. it seems we're really so sleepy that we go to school yet forget the bag.

I owe a lot to my brother, he's a major contributor to my studies, without him, my parents would not be able to support my college education. He's a super thrifty person, during his vacation he can last the whole one month with only twenty pesos on his wallet. He also has a
monstrous appetite, actually it's the four of us who had that monstrous appetite, we really love to eat and when we eat, we eat a lot. hehe

Now my brother is currently married to Anna Czeriza Timoteo, he met her during his stint in ROHM Electronics. They are gifted with a very charming angel named Maxiene Loraine, named after her two lola's.

For my second sibling his name is Jerickson, we fondly call him Egoy due to his skin color. He's the tallest among us all and gifted with such beautiful high bridged nose.. nyahaha.. I envy him.. hehe.. He finished His Bachelor in Industrial Technology course in Cavite State University - Carmona branch. Among the four of us, he's the the easy go lucky type and very good in mingling with people.. he's so much like my father when it comes to social interaction. He's celebrating his birthday every year in three to four days drinking session/celeb. Recently he's been cleaning my aquarium and I love him more for that. (laugh laugh) .He's a good cook too. I just don't like him when he's drunk because he's a menace to the nth power. He loves watching Sunako Nakahara too, if people will know that, they won't believe it. He plays basketball way to well than my Kuya Jeff. haha.

For our bunso she's named Jenelyn, we're calling her Ayie, it's because when we're younger Egoy can't pronounced her name properly, he keep on calling her Ayie and maybe to avoid confusion also because we're both Jennies. Among us all she's the most maldita and the taray princess. When she say no, she really meant no and you can't do anything to change her decisions. Among us all, she's good in doing new dishes, she loves to watch cooking shows. If given a chance according to her, she would have taken up Culinary Arts rather than an Engineering course. I like it a lot when she cooks, coz they are so delish! According to my aunts and mom, she looks like my mom's mother. She finished B.S. in Electronics & Communication Engineering. She's good in fixing and destroying things in our house.. haha. She's very good in handling pains, even if her tooth is aching, still she won't tell you or drink any medicines, she will only tell you if her condition worsens and you have to take her to the hospital for treatment. I remember one time that we had to go to the dentist and have the dentist performed an operation to her because her case already worsened, instead of a simple tooth extraction it became a dental operation that need stitches.. hayz... She's like that but she's one sweet person too. :D

For my mom and dad.. we call them Mama & Tatay. Tatay was named Andres, fondly called as Ding. He passed away last January 3, 2009, so sad.. He's the best cook I ever encountered, though he's not a cook by profession still all the dishes he served us were the the best. He's not the sweet vocal dad, he usually makes lambing thru us thru cooking. Everytime we eat together, he would always give me the better part of our viand, say it's sinigang na baboy, if he had scooped meats in it, he will first give it to me. I think that's what made me think I'm his favorite! I remember when we were younger, he used to be the one who fix my hair and he always want it long. He's very good in mingling with peoples, he always has his own way of touching other lives. Sometimes I wondered why I see him so seldom inside the house, when he passed away I see that even if he spent less time inside our house, it doesn't make him a less dad. He had spent his life meaningfully and had so many friends and peoples who loved him sa dearly. I was so touched to see all those people who joined us as we bid our last goodbye to Tatay. I can say that even in that very depressing moment, I am one proud daughter.

As of my Mama, her name is Maxima, fondly called as Sima. We endearingly call her Momsy. When we used to live together in Santa Rosa, she was one strict mom and aunt. Whatever she say, we follows. haha.. especially when she's teaching us our lessons, she always had a ruler on hand. My mom looks like a Bombay because of her features, deep set eyes and nice nose. When the family moved to Cavite she lessened her strictness, good thing for Egoy and Ayie. She loves us all, though I think I'm her fave too. haha. I don't know what makes me their favorite, maybe it;s because I'm really such a good and responsible daughter. (lolz) Mama is taking medications for her hypertension, with this we had to watch her diet, but just like all of us she loves to eat too,according to her as she grows older, she tends to be more hungry than the usual.. hehe

Let's go now to my extended family. Meet my eldest Aunt, we called her Ate but her name is Belen. She's the best, she took care of us when we were babies because my parents were both working. She's stronger than me and can carry heavy objects at her age of 76. hayzz... Like me, she isn't fond of cooking, she loves latundan bananas so much!

Next is my second eldest aunt, her name is Cory, Tita Cors or simply Oly as we called her. She's a certified sewer like my mom and a very good cook too. I love it when she cooks chicken and pork adobo in atsuete.. really delish. She used to buy our christmas dresses and clothes way way back before. I usually accompany her in their company trips before. Both my aunts are old maids but I see nothing wrong in that, they are happy having as as their children. :D

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

♥ mY jaBaBy ♥

For today I want to share the conversation I had with my jababy last night (July 20, 2010).

We had a petty misunderstanding last night because I told him that I just had written and post my first blog yesterday. Don't get him wrong it's not that he's anti social or something it's just that he's a little jealous that I might meet someone new here and eventually replace him.. hayzz.. though I have told him countless of times that I would never do that. I also told him that blogging can earn us extra income in the future and it makes me feel light that I am writing again. We had slept last night with this thing unresolved, blame it to my sleepy head.. luckily this morning he told me that he wanted to see my blogger account and he's asking me to teach him how to do it, though he's not saying it directly i know that he already allows me to continue blogging.. hehe.. And as our usual conversation goes we started by greeting each other and reminiscing last nights conversation about the "daing issue" ( we call daing all the dried salted fishes or meats which are oftentimes sun-dried or soaked in a mixture of vinegar, ground pepper, minced garlic and salt and he's insisting that the proper way to call the daing na bangus is sinukaang bangus.. unfortunately for him he did not win his argument.. hehe) and ended up by saying, i love you and jumayos ka. hehe..

With reference to the phrase "jumayos ka" it means umayos ka. We managed to put :"ja-je-ji-jo-ju" in our languages. I don't know how it started.. I'm trying to trace back in my memory but I just can't.. (memory gap.. tsk
..) Definitely we're not jejemons because jejemons refer to those person who instead of making their text messages shorter and simpler to comprehend are doing the exact opposites , but it's our way of baby talking to each other.. hehe.. Instead of calling each other baby we end up saying jababy.. but i love jababy more, it makes our endearment more unique and special.

Open and regular communication is vital in any relationship. It's not really the quality of talks that matter mostly it's the time We should make it a habit to talk a lot and listen more than we talk or hear with our hearts. ♥

Monday, July 19, 2010

"My First Blog"

There's so many things in my mind.. I can't even decide which things I should write first or their sequence but one thing for sure I'm so excited and a little bumpy to WRITE again..

With this things in mind I guess the best to do is to start with how I feel.

When i was in high school I really love to write, I even join our school organ "The Glimmer", we release the newspaper twice a year. It's contents include the Editorial, articles regarding the different school activities, sport news , entertainment (puzzles, mind games) and we also have a portion in which other students who are not part of the team can contribute articles, stories and poems which they can put to whom they dedicate it (i find this sweet and by the way this is my fave part of the school organ :D..) I started during my sophomore year as a contributory staff, though I did not contribute that much.. guess I'm way to occupied by thinking how to pass my Algebra subject plus the daily suffering me and my classmates had to suffer from being with such a terror professor, I still remember her name (Ms. Amoranto)... hayzz... She's such a petite lady but with very strong command of words and who would want our daily meeting to start and end with an active class participation thru recitation.. though I give my salute to her.. she's definitely one of those professors who know their subject well. Now I'll go back to my writing career.. hehe.. On my junior year, I was promoted as Associate Editor in News.. I was doing my part well with the News Editor... typing and proofreading and also I was assigned to do the articles on the Intramural..I don't really like sports but since I'm assigned to do an article on it, I have no choice. It's not that much exciting but seeing my name on the paper when it came out with the caption Associate Editor in News, it makes me so proud. Then came my Senior year... guess what?!... I'm the Editor in Chief... Yehey!!! I am so happy. I make the editorial, assigned articles to my colleagues, do a lot of proofreading and is overall in-charge on our newspaper... Hayzzz.... I feel so fulfilled when our issue came out and I saw my co-students holding their newspaper and reading it with a smile on their faces .. It's tiresome, full of pressures but still so fulfilling.

I am fond of joining essay writing contest too... And luck is on my side... I guess God is good for He knows I need the prize money.. lol

During my college years.. I got so busy with numbers that I forgot that I love words more than numbers. lol

Too much reminiscing...this is how I feel about writing again,it's just this time it will be blogging. ♥♥
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