Monday, July 19, 2010

"My First Blog"

There's so many things in my mind.. I can't even decide which things I should write first or their sequence but one thing for sure I'm so excited and a little bumpy to WRITE again..

With this things in mind I guess the best to do is to start with how I feel.

When i was in high school I really love to write, I even join our school organ "The Glimmer", we release the newspaper twice a year. It's contents include the Editorial, articles regarding the different school activities, sport news , entertainment (puzzles, mind games) and we also have a portion in which other students who are not part of the team can contribute articles, stories and poems which they can put to whom they dedicate it (i find this sweet and by the way this is my fave part of the school organ :D..) I started during my sophomore year as a contributory staff, though I did not contribute that much.. guess I'm way to occupied by thinking how to pass my Algebra subject plus the daily suffering me and my classmates had to suffer from being with such a terror professor, I still remember her name (Ms. Amoranto)... hayzz... She's such a petite lady but with very strong command of words and who would want our daily meeting to start and end with an active class participation thru recitation.. though I give my salute to her.. she's definitely one of those professors who know their subject well. Now I'll go back to my writing career.. hehe.. On my junior year, I was promoted as Associate Editor in News.. I was doing my part well with the News Editor... typing and proofreading and also I was assigned to do the articles on the Intramural..I don't really like sports but since I'm assigned to do an article on it, I have no choice. It's not that much exciting but seeing my name on the paper when it came out with the caption Associate Editor in News, it makes me so proud. Then came my Senior year... guess what?!... I'm the Editor in Chief... Yehey!!! I am so happy. I make the editorial, assigned articles to my colleagues, do a lot of proofreading and is overall in-charge on our newspaper... Hayzzz.... I feel so fulfilled when our issue came out and I saw my co-students holding their newspaper and reading it with a smile on their faces .. It's tiresome, full of pressures but still so fulfilling.

I am fond of joining essay writing contest too... And luck is on my side... I guess God is good for He knows I need the prize money.. lol

During my college years.. I got so busy with numbers that I forgot that I love words more than numbers. lol

Too much reminiscing...this is how I feel about writing again,it's just this time it will be blogging. ♥♥

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f e R r y j H o i said...

Yes jenn... it should be bragging your inner talents, and indeed.. I now congratulate you for continuing what was talent you have...

Well, what should I say...... WELCOME to THE BLOGSPHERE world ^.^

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