Wednesday, July 28, 2010

♥ tHis thiNg caLLed FARMVILLE ♥

My eyes are painful again... this was all due to Farmville. Yesterday I was so engrossed playing the game that I spent two straight hours looking at my monitor and re-arranging things in my farm. And this is the result.. hayzzzz...

I'm maintaning four farms in Farmville, my farm, the farm of my two siblings and my boyfriends' farm. They asked me to tend to their farms while they can't fit it into their schedules. And here I am busy with all my work loads yet I still find time for it.

Farmville as all knows is a Facebook game in which you can have a farm of your own, with all the animals, trees, houses & vehicles in it. Your wealth on your farm depends on how industrious the farmer is in planting crops which will give him high yield. You can also have your friends as your neighbors and they can visit and help you in their farm and vice versa plus they can give you wonderful gifts. Why do I love playing Farmville?? Because in Farmville everything seems so simple, when we plant our crops, we need not water it anymore though we can ask our friends to help us and they will fertilize it. I just have to wait for a couple of hours or days then it's harvest time and here comes the income. If we got so busy with our chores and forgot to harvest on time we can ask our dear friends to visit our farm and unwither it or just unwither it ourselves. If we don't have the luxury of time to wait for our crops to grow, we can use their biplane to instantly grow our crops in the blink of an eye. We can have the mansions, the villas and other things which the elites have in real world. It's like a dream world of simplicity and abundance.

Maybe my attachment to Farmville these days reflects my current complacent feeling, which is not good.
I hope everything is as simple as Farmville but it isn't. I must not be complacent instead I must continue to strive in achieving my ambitions and dreams. *-*


feRry jHoi ^.^ said...

I used to be crazy playing farmville before, and alam mo yan, hihi.. pero ngaun eh.. medyo nalang.. ihih. I don't know what's behind it at baket na kaka adik syang talaga!!

>> Jenn, farmville mo ba yan?

jennie said...

haha.. dapat talaga farmville pic q yan kaso under renovation me dba?.. nyahaha

Anonymous said...

farmville's a waste of time hahahah

jennie said...

To my Anonymous commentor..

Haha.. yeah you're partly right, but I just can't help it. :D

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