Sunday, August 1, 2010

♥ tHe LaSt aiRbEndEr moVie ♥

After the long wait, I finally get to see "The Last Airbender " movie, I am so fond of the anime version that I am so excited in seeing the movie. It takes me two days to finish the complete season of it's anime version.

Right after we finished the 9:45 mass, we hurriedly go to SM City - Santa Rosa to watch the movie. It was showing on Cinema 3 on 3D. We bought sour cream french fries and pizza for our snacks. I really don't like to watch 3D movies, aside from it's quite expensive for me, I don't like the feeling of watching with two eyeglasses on, I was wearing my eyeglasses for my error in refraction and on top of it was the 3D glasses. The 3D glasses is required to be worn while watching the movie, because if you don't wear it, you won't be able to see the effects and the images are a little unclear, with it on, it will seems that the characters and scenes in the movie are popping out of the screen.

So far the movie was good though I was expecting more. Noah Ringer the one who played the role of Aang in the movie was quite good. He knows his moves well and I can see that he truly has a knowledge on martial arts and as his first time to act, he doesn't fall below my standards. For the characters Socka (Jackson Rathbone) he's quite a looker as compared to the anime character. And for Katara (Nicola Peltz) she's Caucasian in this film. I can't wait for the next book, in which Aang and Katara will find themselves slowly falling in love with each other, if the filmmaker won't change the story. ( I hope they won't. ) For the villain Prince Zuko (Dev Patel) he's quite good too in his role.

For the first book they included the highlights such as Aang and Appah being awakened from their long sleep by Katara and Socka, Prine Zuko and Uncle/General Airoh's chase of the airbender, the Blue Spirit who helps Aang, he death of the Moon Spirit and it's resurrection, Aang in his Avatar state and the Northern Water Tribe & Fire Nation battle.

Overall I can say that the movie is good and I'm looking forward to see the rest of the trilogy.


feRry jHoi ^.^ said...

Jenn, hindi ko binasa lahat.. hahaha
mukhang kinuwento mo eh...

am plannng to watch it kasi ^.^

jennie said...

nyahaha.. di ko naman kinwento ng buo.. highlights lang! ♥

Anonymous said...

Nice post.

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