Wednesday, August 4, 2010

♥ fReaKing PimPLes ♥

I decided to write about pimples because a dear friend of mine and myself was wondering why there are periods in which there are outbreaks of pimples which really make us freak out. As a girl I know how it feels to have those pimples especially when we don't want it to appear in the first place.

Let's start with what is pimples:
Simply stated pimples is a kind of acne which is brought about by excessive oils that clogged the pores of our skin. As we all know there are thousands of pores in our skin, inside this pores there lies the sebaceous glands which produces sebums. Sebums is an oily substances which are preventing our skin and hair from drying. However excess sebum may eventually leads to acnes. As our outer layer of skins shed, the dead skin cells left behind may mixed with the sebum which can block our pores thus producing pimples. When we say acne these generally refers to eruptive diseases of the skin, since I'm not a dermatologist by profession I just want to shed some light on pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Among the other popular forms of acne are white heads and black heads.

For the pimples I tried the Panoxyl cream/gel available in the market and match it with a mild soap. For quite some time this do the job until one day it no longer worked out for me. I really don't like to go to a dermatologist, but my pimples were really freaking out. I tried going to a clinic and there they have this acne treatment package which finally put a control on it. The package include transparent soaps to help remove the excess soap in your face which may eventually unclogged the pores and a keratolytic cream which controls the oil on my face plus the wonder papain soap that removes the traces of pimple scars. As for those who wanted home remedies, you should always wash your face with a mild soap or cleanser, avoid touching your face with your hands because your hands is a carrier of dirts and bacteria and also don't let your hairs block your face, this can trigger irritation. You should also take adequate sleeps and proper diet.

These refers to the tiny and white raised spots which are caused by the accumulation of hardened sebum or oil in our pores. These can be best removed by steaming our face for about two to three minutes, the hot steams open our pores , with this we can easily remove or prick the whiteheads. When the whiteheads softened you can now prick the apex and put your two fingers on each side of the whitehead and gently apply pressure on both sides until it came out. I've bought a whitehead/blackhead remover from Watsons at a very affordable price. It is also recommended to use calamansi extracts to wash our face since they contained vitamin C and it's citric which is good for the skin. When pricking it you should remember that you should not force the stuff to come out, too much pressure in removing it can cause scars and tiny broken veins which will make it reddish, that's the prime reason why we need to open up the pores first thru steam.


These are caused by excess oils that are accumulated in the sebaceous gland's ducts.It usually is hardened keratin and modified sebums which darkens as it oxidizes or as it is exposed to air.They usually appear on clogged hair follicles which give it it's black hue but normally it's color when extracted is yellowish or yellowish brown. As compared with whiteheads, they are composed of the same substance but whiteheads lacks an opening to the skin surface that's why it remains un-oxidize and white.You can remove this the same way as you removed your whiteheads, but you should take note that we will only remove these blackheads if they looked like popping out.

I hope I had helped you with this article. :D

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