Wednesday, August 4, 2010

♥ mOviE to wAtch wiTh fRiEnDs - gRowN uPs ♥

If I will be watching movies with my friends I would want that movie to lighten our mood and makes us smile and laugh. With this in mind I think I would prefer to watch the movie "Grown-ups".

This movie really makes me laugh out loud and reminisced the antics , me and my friends had. The main characters here are Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider, put together they really did a good blending which makes the film so darn hilarious.

This movie is about five guy friends who after thirty years decided to re-unite with each other in memory of their late junior high basketball coach who led them to championship and imparts in them that they should live their life, the same way they played basketball. They had so much respect and adoration for their coach that they decided to all come back to their hometown with their families for the funeral and spend their fourth of July weekend together at a lake house.

In this movie the four of them have their own families and only one of them is still single. They had their own children and wives who form part of the story. And also they had their own problems as families and as individuals. In this movie it showed how they still had those childhood memories in their hearts and during that vacation they tried to release that part of their selves and do all those crazy stuffs again, this time with a bigger company, with their children and wives. It also showed how each of them deals with each of their life 's blows and how honesty and sincerity makes their bond stronger and how acceptances makes them a complete and healed persons.

I want this story to inspired me and my friends that even if we grow old apart. We will still be in each others heart and we're always there to support each other. Even if we had families of our own, we can even include them as an extension of the friendship that we had. The more, the merrier and most importantly, older age will never be a hindrance to enjoy life with friends and families.

This is my first post for girlz talk. Hope you'd welcome me in ur fam. :d


charmie said...

These is also an interesting movie to watch! Happy GT

f e R r y j H o i said...

Haven't watched this movie, pero mukhang pang friends talaga ito... hahaha....

Welcome to the family Jenn ^.^

Happy Girls Talk

Jenn said...

This is the first time I heard about this movie... and hmmm, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Rob Schneider? Sakit sa tiyan kakatawa ito for sure. Mahanap nga ito... :)

My GT post is up HERE.

Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...

haven't watched this movie yet...this is surely a great movie to watch with friends lalo pa't ngsama-sama ang tatlong comedians

Mine is here

K said...

hello! welcome to GT! (gee, sorry for the late welcome. hihi)

anyways, i have seen this movie and i must agree with you. it *is* laugh out loud funny. i'd want to watch this with my friends as well!

thanks for sharing your movie thoughts! see ya tomorrow! :)

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