Thursday, August 12, 2010

♥ GT : My Sassy Girl! ♥

If I will be watching movie with my boyfriend, I want to watch again "My Sassy Girl - Korean version".

This movie is about a girl who meet his destiny during the time that she was in her most depressing moment. Her boyfriend for years had recently died and they're planning to get married already. With that incident she turned into a new leaf, from a responsible and very modest lady she become lost her sense of direction, become irresponsible and come home always late and drunk. Then at one point in a public train, the girl was so drunk and started to involve herself in a fight. Then came his knight in shining armor, a total stranger, yet she helped the girl. The girl even vomited on his jacket. All the passengers thought that the girl was his girlfriend, and they were looking at the guy with dismay, saying he should take good care of the girl and not let her drink too much. The guy try to clear his name and say that she don't know the girl, but no one will believe him. When the train reached it's final station they both got off, this time the girl already fainted. He don't know what to do, he can't leave the unconscious girl in the station so they end up in a hotel to let the girl recovered from his drunkness. It was so good of him knowing that they were both strangers. When the girl woke up, she was so angry and wanted to fight the guy, but she realized that the guy just helped him, since the guy don't even know her name and address and he can't let her alone in the station drunk and unconscious. Such a weird first meeting! But that's the start of it all. They end up dating. The girl then give the guys the things he want that guy to do, if my memory is still right, the last thing she asked him to do was to give him a rose during her piano recital in front of her class. All the things that her past boyfriend did to her, she tried to repeat it with the guy one by one, with the thought that with those things again , she can feel that his past boyfriend is still alive. Not knowing inside that slowly she's falling slowly for the guy. They both ended up their dating with high hopes that someday they will meet again, when the girl is totally healed.

Then came the day, the girl was asked by his ex-boyfriends mother to come and see him so she can finally introduced her to his nephew. She told him to forget his son because it's been years already since his son passed away and she should move on and love again. Then her nephew comes along, when they see each other, they were quite surprised, a smile was in their faces and they immediately hold hands. The mother was surprised also, asking them how did they knew each other. They just told her that it was a long story. They know it already in their heart that this the right time for their love. And that their accidental meeting is planned by God above.

This is one hilariously romantic and sad movie all rolled into one. It makes me cry a lot and laugh harder. . It just proves that only time can really understand such a great love.


Vernz said...

the Korean version is the best way too far from the Hollywood version ... love it..

My GT here

kha said...

I super like this one ..esp the music in it..Canon in D.. :) i am late

Nurse Jiashi said...

my sassy girl is my favorite korean movie ever! same with windstruck ^______^ a love story without any kissing scene :333

Mommy Liz said...

ano ba yan, san ko ba to mapapanood? mukhang maganda, wahhh! Bbakit walang Koreanobela dito sa amin, pa download padala nyo sa akin..

K said...

completely agree! by far the most hilarious asian love story i have seen! :)

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