Thursday, August 5, 2010

♥ Beware - Cab Plate Number TXR 435 ♥

Please care to read this post, we might encounter this situation also. It's about the modus operandi by certain taxi drivers, like this cab TXR 435.

Just this morning I was viewing my facebook account when I chanced to read one of my friend's post. My friend relays what happened to her. According to her she was on her way home from San Juan to Cainta, she was carrying lots of stuffs so she decided to get a cab to take her to her place. Inside the cab she was smelling something she compares to a menthol, then all of a sudden she started feeling dizzy and sleepy. She had this gut feel that there was something wrong especially when the taxi driver frequently wipes his face with a wet towel. She had watched this modus operandi on news before that's why she immediately reacted on the situation. She confronted the taxi driver on this and immediately called his boyfriend with a loud voice telling him her situation and the taxi's plate number, still the driver had not responded to my friends' allegations. My friend immediately decided to cut her trip and told the driver to drop her at Isetan, still there was no response from the driver. Until she threatened that she will jump off the taxi with a firm determination, with this the driver decided to stop and drop her at Isetan. When she came out of the cab, she immediately inhale and exhale, trying to gasp for more fresh air. At this point, the driver then told her that what she's smelling was his asthma's medicine.. stupid driver. What do he think of his passenger, dumb?! Luckily my friend immediately reacted to the situation if not, who knows what will happen next. Maybe she'll get raped, robbed and maybe she'll end up dead.. hayzzz.. Good thing she knows what to do.

God is so good for saving my friend. Please let us all be vigilant. Keep safe.


f e R r y j H o i said...

Trully God is good Jenn ^-^

simula nga, eh titingin ako sa plate number ng mga taxi...

yay, my shuttle pala tayo.. hahaha

jennie said...

haha.. adik..

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