Tuesday, September 28, 2010

♥ Bday mo na Gilaylicious

To all my friends this is Gerlie Estremera aka Gilaylicious to the blogging world.. =)

I'm a bit guilty on this post since I was supposed to post this yesterday but due to so many workloads I was unable to do it. But as the old cliche' goes better late than never! And I'm sticking on it.. haha

Yesterday September 27, my dear girlfriend cum' officemate, cum' shuttle buddy, cum' chika buddy celebrated her birthday. I just read her blog on it and I'm really happy that no Ondoy had come her way this time around. haha.. I really hope you'd find that one real thing that you've been looking for. (Sana masaya ka sa gift nya.. haha- chismaks)

Happy birthday again and don't worry added age makes you more wiser, bolder and hotter.. (nu ba tong mga sinasabi q?! hehe) =)

At pinagdamot q ang menudo kaso may bumawas ng di nagpapaalam.. hmmp.. hehe

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

♥ GT : Black Stuffs

For this week GT post it's all about black stuffs.

I personally don't like the black color. Maybe it's because here in the Philippines, most of the time the weather is hot & dry, black or dark colors tend to absorb more heat, and I don't like it.. haha.. It's already hot and wearing black makes it feel a lot hotter. Though for formal events, I would agree that black can really makes you look so glam especially for night events.

I used some stuffs in our office that are black. I have my desktop DELL computer, my organizer, my notes reminder and my calculator. haha.. And also my latest fave bag, it's a native one (purchased from Baguio City) with black highlights & handle

Also here's the picture of my boyfriend wearing a black shirt, (I guess I just have to post him, since I consider him mine.. haha) It was our 2009 family day t-shirt at Enchanted Kingdom.

Happy GT! =)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

♥ Supposed Grp pic for Blue Team - FJVillahermosa ♥

This is for my dear friend Ferry Joy.. hehe

Here's the pic, this was supposedly our blue team group picture but since we love you, here you are hehe.. naligaw ka na green team! wahahaha

Now you know the reason why we don't have a group picture.. lolz

♥ GT : GreeN mE ♥

I can say that this is the most prominent color in my wardrobe today.. haha This color makes me feel fresh, alive and so earthly... It reminds me of the shrubs, bushes and grasses that grows abundantly in our area every rainy season (Silang, Cavite). It's just so refreshing! We even painted the inside walls of our house with cool green shade. I wish I could post some pics of our place (maybe next time, if there will be a chance again).

These are few of my pictures with me wearing green stuffs also here is my fave Chipmunks Theodore who sports green outfit too.

Do blog hop on other GT accounts and see their green stuffs. Happy GT!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

♥ Groceries w/ siStaH ♥

Just last night, me and my sister did our grocery shopping for the second half of September consumptions. As we were going from aisle to aisle, I notices my sister taking her time strolling around. I thought she just misses doing the grocery shopping, since it was always me and my boyfriend who does the shopping but unfortunately I was partially wrong.. she's doing it on purpose. haha.. Instead of just buying our usual grocery items, she kept on looking for new stuffs to be use in her cooking and try those new foods/treats that she haven't tasted yet. Hahayz.. And as expected my grocery bill ballooned from the usual Php 1,800 it became Php 2,300+. Right after the grocery shopping, she's implying that she wanted to eat and me, being a good sister, told her okay we'll eat shawarma, but she changed her mind and asked for pizza instead.. Woah! My budget was wrecked, next time I won't do my grocery shopping with her anymore. =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

♥ GT: My Purply Umbrella ♥

For this Thursday, it's all about purples. I appreciate and love the purple color but it is only now that I realized I don't have that much stuff with that shade! .. haha.. Finally I decided to just post this umbrella, it's a three-fold one and and quite tiny if compared to those regular three-folds. I just bought this recently from my office mate.. Lovely color!

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, September 6, 2010

♥ Dilemna ♥

I'm feeling nostalgic today. I just talked to a friend this morning and I really emphatized with what's happening to her these days. Hayzz.. It remind me of those time when I find it too hard to move on with my first love. (It makes me laugh now..) I wished I could just bumped her head to the wall but in a way I still understand her. She may not be perfect, her decisions may not be right all the time but who am I to judge, I should be just a fervent listener and try to make her look at things in different perspective..

I met my friend during my last work at SVI. She's one real friend. We get along well. She had a boyfriend those time and during their rocky moments he met someone, an officemate too. I couldn't believe they'll click but surprisingly they really did. She broke up with her boyfriend and give it a try with this new guy.

Their relationship went smoothly until one day, a girl from his past came and claimed that his boyfriend had a son with him. She left their son in the custody of his boyfriend. According to her boyfriend, she and the girl just had a fling and it occurred a year before he met my friend. And he's denying that it is really his son and is demanding proofs from the girl. With this my friend broke up with him, she don't want to mess up and thinking that she couldn't be the cause of a broken family, she broke up with him and get backed with her ex-boyfriend who during that time is still wooing her but the communication lines between the two of them still remains open. One year had gone, the girl who claimed that she had a son with still can't give the guy enough proof that he was really the child's father, she just took her son away.

And now my friend had a smooth steady relationship with his boyfriend but still she had a special feeling with her ex and vice versa. Hayzzz.. With this situation I just told her that follow your heart. Know what makes you really happy. Choose the one where your love for him, exceeds your need for him. I just hope I cleared her mind well. It's true that it's easier to give an advice than apply it on yourself. On a personal note, I don't want to be put in this same situation..

I wish she could make the right decision. All I can do as her friend is to listen and give her a sensible advice. Let us always remember that love is a two way street only, you must love only one and let go of the rest. =)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

♥ GT : My RED Samsung Phone ♥

Hi! I have been so busy these last weeks that I failed to post my blogs for GT, hope you can forgive me guys..

For this weeks topic, I chose to blog about My Red Samsung Phone. If there's one material thing I can't forget to bring with me always, it's definitely my cellphone. haha.. This cellphone was a gift to me from my boyfriend on our 4th year anniversary. He purchased it on it's original red housing and recently we changed it's housing and it's red again.. haha.. Though the housing seems old already because of the scratches.. haha.. (blame it to me..) I usually sleep with this phone under my pillow and wake up with my phone alarm. It's the last thing I hold on every night time and the first thing I get to hold on to everytime I wake up. Such a necessity.. can't live without! lolz =)

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