Monday, September 6, 2010

♥ Dilemna ♥

I'm feeling nostalgic today. I just talked to a friend this morning and I really emphatized with what's happening to her these days. Hayzz.. It remind me of those time when I find it too hard to move on with my first love. (It makes me laugh now..) I wished I could just bumped her head to the wall but in a way I still understand her. She may not be perfect, her decisions may not be right all the time but who am I to judge, I should be just a fervent listener and try to make her look at things in different perspective..

I met my friend during my last work at SVI. She's one real friend. We get along well. She had a boyfriend those time and during their rocky moments he met someone, an officemate too. I couldn't believe they'll click but surprisingly they really did. She broke up with her boyfriend and give it a try with this new guy.

Their relationship went smoothly until one day, a girl from his past came and claimed that his boyfriend had a son with him. She left their son in the custody of his boyfriend. According to her boyfriend, she and the girl just had a fling and it occurred a year before he met my friend. And he's denying that it is really his son and is demanding proofs from the girl. With this my friend broke up with him, she don't want to mess up and thinking that she couldn't be the cause of a broken family, she broke up with him and get backed with her ex-boyfriend who during that time is still wooing her but the communication lines between the two of them still remains open. One year had gone, the girl who claimed that she had a son with still can't give the guy enough proof that he was really the child's father, she just took her son away.

And now my friend had a smooth steady relationship with his boyfriend but still she had a special feeling with her ex and vice versa. Hayzzz.. With this situation I just told her that follow your heart. Know what makes you really happy. Choose the one where your love for him, exceeds your need for him. I just hope I cleared her mind well. It's true that it's easier to give an advice than apply it on yourself. On a personal note, I don't want to be put in this same situation..

I wish she could make the right decision. All I can do as her friend is to listen and give her a sensible advice. Let us always remember that love is a two way street only, you must love only one and let go of the rest. =)


f e R r y j H o i said...

a quote that i always apply in my life, this is from Dori of "Finding Nemo:

>> Always Follow your heart whatever it leads you, And when you reach the dead end and then lost! Use your brain to bring you back home<<

This word may help her in a way to make some strong decision!!! Basta pag hindi na kaya!! Ayaw na!! ^_^

Gilay said...

Follow your heart but don`t close you eyes... you may be hitting somedody`s nose... for great and true love knows how to sacrifice even it hurts sooo bad... true to give up ur own happiness... heheheh


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