Tuesday, September 28, 2010

♥ Bday mo na Gilaylicious

To all my friends this is Gerlie Estremera aka Gilaylicious to the blogging world.. =)

I'm a bit guilty on this post since I was supposed to post this yesterday but due to so many workloads I was unable to do it. But as the old cliche' goes better late than never! And I'm sticking on it.. haha

Yesterday September 27, my dear girlfriend cum' officemate, cum' shuttle buddy, cum' chika buddy celebrated her birthday. I just read her blog on it and I'm really happy that no Ondoy had come her way this time around. haha.. I really hope you'd find that one real thing that you've been looking for. (Sana masaya ka sa gift nya.. haha- chismaks)

Happy birthday again and don't worry added age makes you more wiser, bolder and hotter.. (nu ba tong mga sinasabi q?! hehe) =)

At pinagdamot q ang menudo kaso may bumawas ng di nagpapaalam.. hmmp.. hehe

1 comment:

Gilay said...

hahahahah...thank you Ms. jen, natuwa naman ako ng husto, kumusta nmn ung picture ko dito... heheh ;-)

Wala p ung gift eh, sana nga meron ulit... hehehhe

at sino ung gumalaw ng ulam na hndi nagpaalam??? hahah!

pero salamat tlaga... mwaaahhhness!

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