Monday, October 4, 2010

Stupid Reasoning

Just this afternoon, I felt like I'm kinda' pissed off on the status of the Health & Safety report... I'm a member of that committee that's why I'm affected on the reporting feedbacks.

I am not the reporter for this month though I know that there should be an October report even if the reporter was on the night shift, I thought it will be our Committee Leader who will take the cue but I was surprised when he told our Manager that no one will report since the supposed reporter is not present. Eventually the Committee Adviser took the reporting.

What pissed me off is the reasoning that the report was not prepared because of their busy schedule. OMG, how could he use that reasoning?! Then it was followed by the remarks that if their group (we're on different department) was busy then they should have transferred the reporting to me. Duh! As if I wasn't busy at all.. Everyone's busy, how can it's not possible for them to have the report prepared in 30 minutes max?! If I'm busy and I need to do some stuffs, I even bring home the work or use my spare time during breaks just to get things done. I just find it so IRRESPONSIBLE..... I will wholeheartedly accept it if I know that they had exhausted all their efforts and they had no spare times for it, but it's not the case. We should all learn how to manage our time well and how to make small sacrifices to account for all our responsibilities and duties.


f e R r y j H o i said...

yeah you are right Jenn ^_^ what a stupid reasoning talaga!!!

Ang masama pa nyan, he doesn't want to accept his flaws!! he kept on murmuring!!! hihi

chill lang jenn ^_^ sana sinabi nyo saken, I have a lot of free time!! sana na update ko man lang ang presentations!! weeehh

Gilay said...

it's a big "bhhhwaaaahhaaah"!!! ;-)

chillax... ^_~

Mariniel said...

hi jenn...

kilala ko tinutukoy mo..

Yeah right.. He's so irresponsible.. Hindi dapat ganun ang attitude ng isang Committee Leader.. dapat sa kanya i-demote.. haha..

eto chillz.. chocolate flavor..
brought to you by Mini-stop.. try it!! And you will surely love it!!

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