Tuesday, September 14, 2010

♥ Groceries w/ siStaH ♥

Just last night, me and my sister did our grocery shopping for the second half of September consumptions. As we were going from aisle to aisle, I notices my sister taking her time strolling around. I thought she just misses doing the grocery shopping, since it was always me and my boyfriend who does the shopping but unfortunately I was partially wrong.. she's doing it on purpose. haha.. Instead of just buying our usual grocery items, she kept on looking for new stuffs to be use in her cooking and try those new foods/treats that she haven't tasted yet. Hahayz.. And as expected my grocery bill ballooned from the usual Php 1,800 it became Php 2,300+. Right after the grocery shopping, she's implying that she wanted to eat and me, being a good sister, told her okay we'll eat shawarma, but she changed her mind and asked for pizza instead.. Woah! My budget was wrecked, next time I won't do my grocery shopping with her anymore. =)


feRry jHoi ^.^ said...

hahaha ^_^ ito naman!! minsan lang naman eh!! hindi ka din naman naka tanggi!! nyahahaha

admin said...

hahaha wrecked budget ba..hihihi don't worry di naman maba-budget ang happiness ng kapatid mo at ang pagtingin niya sayo bilang best sistah..;D

♥jennpotz♥ said...

@ ADmin & ferry - thanks for the comments.. basat ako minsan ko na lang xa isasama.. hehe

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