Tuesday, July 20, 2010

♥ mY jaBaBy ♥

For today I want to share the conversation I had with my jababy last night (July 20, 2010).

We had a petty misunderstanding last night because I told him that I just had written and post my first blog yesterday. Don't get him wrong it's not that he's anti social or something it's just that he's a little jealous that I might meet someone new here and eventually replace him.. hayzz.. though I have told him countless of times that I would never do that. I also told him that blogging can earn us extra income in the future and it makes me feel light that I am writing again. We had slept last night with this thing unresolved, blame it to my sleepy head.. luckily this morning he told me that he wanted to see my blogger account and he's asking me to teach him how to do it, though he's not saying it directly i know that he already allows me to continue blogging.. hehe.. And as our usual conversation goes we started by greeting each other and reminiscing last nights conversation about the "daing issue" ( we call daing all the dried salted fishes or meats which are oftentimes sun-dried or soaked in a mixture of vinegar, ground pepper, minced garlic and salt and he's insisting that the proper way to call the daing na bangus is sinukaang bangus.. unfortunately for him he did not win his argument.. hehe) and ended up by saying, i love you and jumayos ka. hehe..

With reference to the phrase "jumayos ka" it means umayos ka. We managed to put :"ja-je-ji-jo-ju" in our languages. I don't know how it started.. I'm trying to trace back in my memory but I just can't.. (memory gap.. tsk
..) Definitely we're not jejemons because jejemons refer to those person who instead of making their text messages shorter and simpler to comprehend are doing the exact opposites , but it's our way of baby talking to each other.. hehe.. Instead of calling each other baby we end up saying jababy.. but i love jababy more, it makes our endearment more unique and special.

Open and regular communication is vital in any relationship. It's not really the quality of talks that matter mostly it's the time We should make it a habit to talk a lot and listen more than we talk or hear with our hearts. ♥


feRry jHoi ^.^ said...

tsk tsk tsk... talaga yan si Jababy oh!!! hihi
But good thing you both ended up compromised (I hope). lolz...

am just wondering, does the jejemons cropped the idea of using jajejijoju on you??? lolz...

jennie said...

No naman.. we've been using ja-je-ji-jo-ju way back 2004 pa.. long before the jejemons become well known to the world.. haha

feRry jHoi ^.^ said...

hihihi... pag kayo ang nag uusap medyo okay pa pakinggan, pero yung mga jejemons talaga sagwa!!! hihi

eohw pouwh ^.^ oh! goodluck

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